School Social Workers

  • School Social Workers specialize in providing an array of services to students and their families to address and eliminate barriers that affect students’ academic success in school. School Social Workers are the link between the home, school and community by providing direct and indirect services to support students’ academic and social success. School social workers promote student success by addressing issues related to attendance, homeless education, child abuse and neglect, and coping with crisis situations (i.e. behavioral, economic or familial).

    • GCS Attendance Policy
    • Truancy Information
    • Community Resources
    • Drop-out Prevention


    • Enforce the NC Compulsory School Attendance Law.
    • Provide an array of services to students and their families.
    • Provide consultation to teachers and other staff.
    • Collaborate with community agencies for the improvement and welfare of our students.
    • Make home visits with parent contacts to address attendance, family issues and home concerns.
    • Collaborate and consult with school and community professionals to meet student needs.