Nickels 4 Neighbors  
  • Schools collect more than $17,000 for “Nickels 4 Neighbors”

    You did it again, ϲ̳!

    Because of your generosity and commitment to helping others who are in need, we were able to collect more than $17,700 during our “Nickels 4 Neighbors” fundraising campaign.

    On Wednesday, November 28, students at schools across Gaston County filled piggy bags, Ziplock bags, glass jars, and other containers with nickels (we accepted pennies, dimes, quarters, and dollars, too) to help schools in eastern North Carolina that were affected by Hurricane Florence.  Each of our 55 schools was asked to collect at least $200 (the equivalent of 4,000 nickels), which made $11,000 the overall goal for the school district.

    When all of the money was counted, our grand total was $17,749.61 – that’s the equivalent of 354,992 nickels!  These funds are in addition to individual fundraising and collection drives conducted by our schools to help with hurricane relief efforts.

    The following school districts were chosen to receive the funds: Craven County Schools, Jones County Public Schools, Onslow County Schools, and Pender County Schools.  These four counties are contiguous along the North Carolina coast and experienced devastating flooding and destruction as a result of the powerful storm.

    This is the third time we have conducted our “Nickels 4 Neighbors” campaign in ϲ̳.  In 2015, our schools collected $25,184.55 for schools in Clarendon and Williamsburg counties in South Carolina, and in 2016, we collected $21,952.31 for schools in Edgecombe, Wayne, Lenoir, and Robeson counties in North Carolina.

    Over the three years, our total for “Nickels 4 Neighbors” exceeds $64,800 – that’s a lot of change to help our neighbors in need.

    What an awesome way for our schools to show the true spirit of caring and giving!

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VIDEO: Nickels 4 Neighbors